What Makes It Happen

Ever notice how you go to several events and one seems to come to memory more than the others. Why is that? Well it had nothing to do with how alcohol you drank…it probably had to do with the music.
It is amazing how music can just change and uplift an event like nothing else. Music has the ability to connect to the listener at an emotional and sub-conscious level. The rhythms can reach right into primitive sections of the brain and trigger responses that are positive or negative. Background music especially can set the right tone for locations and events. A good disc-jockey can play music to the crowd and find the right balance to touch the audience.
Ever notice how seated at a restaurant, you can have a conversation with your table mates and not feel as though the whole place is tuning into your conversation? Music in the background can give a sense of intimacy that drowns out other conversations.
Our Disc-jokey says that he can usually tell if guests are enjoying the music just by watching them even if no one is dancing. Looking over the crowd he can see people tapping their hands and or feet. Sometimes even the occasional person mouthing the words to the song. These are all tell-tale signs that the music is having an impact.

So if you want to make your event whether it is a simple open house or some kind of meet and greet, music can make it happen and raise the event to a new level that the attendees did not expect and will talk about days later.

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