What is your word worth?

Your word, your promise, your integrity are worth something. The value we place on them is different for everyone. What is yours worth to you? Is it worth $20? No that’s too cheap for just about anyone in business. What about $100 or $1000? How about $100,000?

Remember when business was done with a handshake and everyone knew if you didn’t honor your commitments? Even though they didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the internet everyone in your town or city knew you weren’t to be trusted. Well I didn’t exactly grow up in that time, but I was raised to honor my word. My father instilled that ethic into me when I was young. This ethic garnered me a reputation among my friends, family, clients and business associates for getting things done when no one else could or would. If I told someone I would do a task or take care of an issue they could rest assured I would. Its one of the reasons we named our company “Consider It Done”, because when I agreed to something they could… consider it done.

My word has become PRICELESS to me. I could not compromise my integrity for a million dollars. Not now, not ever. In business your word is your bond, even if you don’t shake hands or sign a contract, your word should be good enough. Unfortunately not everyone feels that way in today’s world. Everyone is out to “get what’s owed to them”. Really, though, what does this world owe you?

I encourage you to take a long hard look at your business practices. Are you integrative in your business? Do you do what you say you’re going to do? When you say you’re going to do it? How about for the price you’ve told them you’d do it for? Its never to late to start if that is not the way your business is being handled. Start today. Try it for 30 days and see what changes happen in your business, then come back and comment on them, you can do it anonymously.
Lets change the way the world does business, one company at a time!

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