Donkey or Wild Steed

Are you a Donkey or a Wild Steed?

…think carefully now

In the old days out west, ranchers would sometimes take a wild steed that they could not break, tie it to a small donkey and turn the two loose. The steed would rear up on its hind legs snorting defiance, irritated beyond belief, distracted and very unhappy.
Off they would go, out onto the range. Before long the bucking steed would disappear over the desert horizon, dragging the helpless donkey behind.
Days would pass, but eventually the odd couple would reappear. The donkey would come first, with the submissive steed in tow.
What went on out on the range always brought the same result. The steed would buck and kick, pitch and pull, but the donkey, willing or not would hang on, no matter what.
Finally, the steed would become exhausted and at that point the donkey would take over and become the leader. That is the way it is in life. True leaders hang on. They are the determined, the committed. They know that perseverance can bring them out on top.
No matter what… Hang on. Do not give up on your dreams. Dream big. Hang on to your convictions and be strong enough to take on the steeds.

Reprinted with permission from Daniel Sweet

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