Its very difficult when someone you think is a friend does something you don’t like, especially when its to you or about you. So how far do you go to forgive? How much forgiveness is there?

Let me start by saying forgiveness is not usually really about the other person, its about you. It’s about you letting go of a grudge, hurt feelings, anger, disappointment etc… It is not about whether they tried to make amends, apologized for what they did/said or how they handled anything.

The reason forgiveness is for you and not the ohter person is simple. If you harbor a grudge, hold on to the anger, etc. you’re letting the other person control you. You’re letting the other person dictate how you feel, what you do, how to act but if you chose to forgive, and yes its a choice, to let it go and forgive. So when someone does anything that needs to be forgiven for remember this word:


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