Events to remember?

Some events are simple and some are complex. Take for instance a ribbon cutting. It’s pretty simple, not a lot of work to do until the day of. Where as a business expo or conference requires lots of preplanning, tons of work and takes much longer to work out so it runs smoothly.

But what makes an event one to remember? What sets it apart from everything else? Sometimes it’s the entertainment, sometimes it’s the food, and sometimes it’s nothing. Sometimes just making sure nothing go wrong makes it an event to remember. Tips to make it go smoothly:

* DATES the most important thing about any event is the date. Make sure your date is not on a holiday, near a huge “town” event like a fair. the date can sometimes ensure your event will not have enough participants.

* Assume something will go wrong and have a plan. Nothing ever goes as perfect as it’s planned.

* Don’t try to do it all yourself, enlist some help

* If you’re not sure hire a professional

I had the pleasure of hosting my own event this past week. I played hostess, was the center of attention, and was the event planner as well. Things could have gone horribly wrong with me trying to do all those things. They didn’t it was a great event, but I learned my lesson the hard way. Just as doctors shouldn’t self diagnose, event planners should hire others to do their events for them.

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